The GDPR and the new Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) have come into effect and the predicted chaos has not happened. Nevertheless, the search of many companies for practical solutions for employee data protection continues unabated.

What may sound like a contradiction merely shows the complexity of GDPR compliance. As the disputes on how to interpret the law continue, the supervisory authorities try to provide assistance, but they cannot relieve businesses of the task of coordinating the legal framework with their various HR processes. The GDPR and the BDSG thus remain a challenge for Legal, HR and Compliance, but also for works councils, who have the obligation to prepare the way for effective and practicable solutions.

In the following, we would like to inform you of the major developments in the field of employee data protection and of the activities of our law firm. Our specialists are Dr. Thilo Mahnhold and Dr. Daniel Klösel.

  • JUSTEM Client Newsletter 02/2021 – “Copy & Waste? – Federal Labor Court decides on judicial enforcement of the right to a copy of data under Art. 15 GDPR”
  • “Employment data protection 2020 – quo vadis? Practical seminar, workshop & field reports after more than one year GDPR”, referees Dr. Thilo Mahnhold and Dr. Daniel Klösel (JUSTEM) and Prof. Dr. Marlene Schmidt and Dorothee Schwedes (APITZSCH SCHMIDT KLEBE Rechtsanwälte) on October 17, 2019 at Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main
  • Dr. Daniel Klösel is a speaker at the conference “GDPR Compliance und zur Verankerung der DS-GVO in den HR Prozessen” at “Rheinischer Arbeitsrechtstag 2018” on July 6, 2018 and presents „The General Data Protection Regulations and Employment Law”.
  • The GDPR and the new BDSG come into effect on May 25, 2018.
  • Article by Dr. Thilo Mahnhold and Dr. Daniel Klösel on  works agreements as a key element of GDPR compliance, “Don’t miss the opportunity!”, Labor Law Magazine 1/2018
  • “Die Zukunft der datenschutzrechtlichen Betriebsvereinbarung”, (The Future of Shop Agreements on Data Protection), article on the minimum standards and discretionary limits under the GDPR and the BDSG by Dr. Thilo Mahnhold and Dr. Daniel Klösel in: NZA 22/2017, pp. 1428.
  • Article with a practice-oriented overview of the changes in the law by Dr. Daniel Klösel, Data Privacy Laws Go Europe! A new era for employee data privacy compliance under GDPR, DSAnpUG-EU and the EU-US Privacy Shield”, Labor Law Magazine 1/2017
  • “The End of Safe Harbor and the Beginning of the EU-US Privacy Shield”, HR Journal Personalwirtschaft, 04/2016, page 72, article by Dr. Daniel Klösel on changes in the EU/US Privacy Shield/Safe Harbor
  • The new EU General Data Protection Regulation and its impact on the protection of employee data, JUSTEM Newsletter 7/15
  • The merely supposedly safe harbor – employment law consequences of the latest ECJ ruling on “Safe Harbor”, JUSTEM Newsletter 6/15
  • JUSTEM Breakfast Meeting on “Employment Law Highlights, including Employee Data Privacy”, German excerpt here