We offer exhaustive advice to companies on the structure of their compensation systems. This applies not only in the situation of an initial implementation for start-ups, but also for changes in existing structures, as in specific scenarios such as a reorganization or in light of an aging workforce. This includes the following focuses and challenges:

  • Implementation or adjustment of individual variable compensation systems in individual contracts for general managers, management board members, executive employees or other key employees, and also where this overlaps with (bank) supervisory law
  • Collective implementation or adjustment of variable compensation models and secure planning to mesh with the differing aspects of collective bargaining law, co-determination, individual rights and possible scenarios involving collective bargaining such as general employer commitments and company practice
  • Compliance with requirements specific to an industry such as mandatory legal regulations or under the Posting of Employees Act, the Minimum Wage Act or specific special cases in the event of employee leasing
  • Structuring and creating flexibility in company benefits and special payments, taking into account the dynamic case law of the Federal Labor Court on the review of standard terms and conditions of contract
  • For questions related to the permitted personal use of company cars or company benefits such as job tickets or meal allowance tickets, our range of advice is not limited to employment law but also includes the overlapping areas in tax law and social security law

Our special expertise in compensation is complemented by our expertise in the regulated compensation systems in banking and the financial industry. Our specialists in all questions concerning compensation systems, company benefits and special payments are Caroline Bitsch and Dr. Thilo Mahnhold.

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