We have many years of experience in outsourcing, be this the outsourcing of employment processes or typical ancillary services such as IT, technology, plant security, catering or isolated work steps and sub-processes. We provide strategic and legal support for both complex outsourcing projects and individual questions that may arise within complex processes. Our main focus includes:

  • Strategic advice on how to design outsourcing, taking into account all legally relevant aspects, including the provision of expert reports
  • Advice on and negotiations of the governing service and work contracts, including civil-law and liability issues
  • Negotiations with representatives of collective bargaining groups, particularly with works councils concerning the equalization of interests and social plans during business changes
  • Implementation under employment law, including notifying letters under Sec. 613 a German Civil Code, reassignments, partial terminations to amend the terms of employment or other measures
  • Exhaustive advice on the topic of misclassification as independent contractors, ostensible work contracts and (undisclosed) employee leasing in connection with outsourcing; we regularly advise our clients in the overlapping area of employment and social security law
  • Exhaustive advice on supplementary questions of compliance and employee data protection

Our specialists for all questions related to outsourcing are Dr. Thilo Mahnhold and Dr. Daniel Klösel, who have written numerous publications on this topic. Outsourcing has been regularly discussed in our Client Newsletters as well as in our Breakfast Club.

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