Advice to public employers follows its own rules that may seem odd from the standpoint of classic employment law advice. The structure and content of the collective bargaining agreements for public employees, TVÖD and TV-L, harbor surprises in comparison to the collective bargaining agreements in other sectors, and the personnel representation rights of the federal and state governments, because of the overlapping public law elements, defy typical works constitution classifications. Added to this are the peculiarities of the public-law organizational structure.

Advising public-sector employers has developed into an area of special expertise within our firm. Our focus on internal conflict management offers an even greater potential in light of the legal parameters that apply for public-sector employers. Some of the focal points of our advice include:

  • Internal conflict management
  • Compliance strategies
  • Participation rights of the staff council under the scope of graduated co-determination or during reorganization
  • Making the co-determination process more effective
  • Severance scenarios, including protection from dismissal
  • Appointment of personnel

Our specialists for public-sector employers are Dr. Thilo Mahnhold and Dr. Henning Reitz.

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