The reasons for a business to want or have to part with employees are diverse. In addition to terminations on operational grounds or because of personal performance or misconduct, a mutual separation agreement is also conceivable even if a notice of termination has already been given.

As a law firm specialized in employment law, we have far-reaching experience in termination law and advise our clients over the entire process, from the drafting of the letter of termination to acting as counsel in the litigation before the labor courts. This includes the following areas:

  • Out-of-court severance negotiations with employees, executive, general managers and management board members
  • Consideration of regulatory requirements such as under the IVV or the Joint Stock Corporation Act in the case of severance payments, etc.
  • Preparation of terminations on operational grounds, starting from the business decision and the notice of mass dismissals up to the practical challenges or serving dismissal notices
  • Preparation of works council hearings
  • Preparation of terminations for (suspected) misconduct, including internal investigations
  • Handling of special protections against dismissal, e.g. proceedings before the Office for Integration, etc.
  • Handling of low performers
  • Litigation before the labor and civil courts

Termination law topics have regularly been the subject of our Client Newsletters. Our specialists for questions related to the severance from employees are Caroline Bitsch and Dr. Henning Reitz.

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