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Dr. Daniel Klösel

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In June 2014, Dr. Daniel Klösel joined JUSTEM Rechtsanwälte and since January 2020, he has been a Partner.

He advises and represents domestic and foreign clients throughout Germany in all areas of labor law and the law on service contracts, including the interface with compliance, data privacy issues and sports law. He has comprehensively advised numerous  clients on national and international restructurings, investigations, compliance projects as well as complex court and out-of-court disputes with executives and in the field of professional sports.

Before joining JUSTEM Rechtsanwälte, he acted in this function for several years at another renowned major law firm. He is regularly recommended in journals such as JUVE (“proven expert in data protection and sports labor law; imposing colleague”, competitor), Handelsblatt – Best Lawyers and Legal 500.


The main focus of Dr. Daniel Klösel’s advice can be found in the following areas:

  • Restructurings and transactions, including negotiations with employee representatives regarding reconciliation of interest, social plan, etc.
  • Digitization of work processes – new work concepts, data protection and negotiations with works councils on IT-related company agreements
  • Compliance, in particular with regard to dealing with external personnel (Contractor Compliance), as well as implementing and monitoring internal investigations
  • Representation of companies in and out of court vis-à-vis the authorities (e.g. short-time work and KuG, illegal employee leasing, false self-employment, etc.)
  • Matters concerning board members and other executives
  • Litigation, in particular regarding complex separation scenarios with executives and on liability risks in connection with compliance issues
  • Comprehensive advice on the interface with professional sports law issues

Dr. Daniel Klösel advises national and international companies, in particular in the fields of trade and services, sports, IT, metal and electronic industries, as well as in the banking and finance sector.


Dr. Daniel Klösel studied law and politics at Frankfurt Goethe University. He started his career as a lawyer in 2011 in the Gleiss Lutz labor law department in Frankfurt/Main and, in the same year, worked for the international litigation team at Herbert Smith LLP in London. In 2012, he gained his doctorate on a topic of transnational commercial law and received the Baker McKenzie prize 2012 for his dissertation.

Dr. Daniel Klösel is co-editor of the manual Contractor Compliance on contracts for work and labor, false self-employment and illegal leasing of employees, published by the C.F. Müller Verlag publishing house. In addition, he is the author of numerous specialist publications and lecturer on professional events in the areas of labor law and compliance. He speaks German and English.


Co-author of
“The labor law mandate: Designing of employment contracts and controlling general terms and conditions”
(Das arbeitsrechtliche Mandat: Arbeitsvertragsgestaltung und AGB-Kontrolle)
Reitz (Editor)
Bonn 2020

“Crowdworking Goes to Court – Work 4.0 on its way to the Federal Labor Court”
Labor Law Magazine 01/2020

“Crowdworking vor Gericht – Arbeitskonzepte 4.0 auf dem Weg nach Erfurt”
Infobrief Arbeitsrecht 02/2020, pp. 2 (only in German)

“Dilemmas in the management of temporary work agency staff”
(Zeitarbeit im Dilemma)
HR-Journal Personalwirtschaft Zeitarbeit Special 10/2018, pp. 28 (only in German)
(co-authored by Dr. Thilo Mahnhold)

“Don’t miss the opportunity!”
Works agreements as a key element of GDPR compliance
Labor Law Magazine 1/2018
co-authored by Dr. Thilo Mahnhold

“The Future of Works Agreements under Data Protection Law –
Minimum Requirements and Use of Discretion in Companies pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation and the new Version of the Federal Data Protection Act”
(Die Zukunft der datenschutzrechtlichen Betriebsvereinbarung –  Mindestanforderungen und betriebliche Ermessenspielräume nach DS-GVO und BDSG n.F.)
Law Journal NZA 22/2017, pp. 1428
(co-authored by by Dr. Thilo Mahnhold)

“Labor Law Manual”
G. Schaub/M. Ahrendt/U. Koch/R. Linck/J. Treber/H. Vogelsang
Review by Dr. Daniel Klösel
Law journal NZA 23/2017, p. 1519

“Guidelines for internal investigations”
Two landmark decisions by the German Federal Labor Court
Labor Law Magazine 4/2017
(together with Dr. Thilo Mahnhold)

“Contractor Compliance in the new Temporary Employment Act –
Accountablility as a (Neglected) Aspect in Drafting Work and Service Contract Models”
(Contractor Compliance im neuen AÜG – Zurechenbarkeit als (vernachlässigter) Ansatzpunkt bei der Gestaltung von Werk- und Dienstvertragsmodellen)
Law Journal Betriebs-Berater 2017, pp. 1524
(co-authored by Dr. Thilo Mahnhold)

“Data Privacy Laws go Europe!”
A new Era for Employee Data Privacy Policy Compliance under GDPR, DSAnpUG-EU and the EU-US Privacy Shield

Labor Law Magazine 1/2017

“Section 3 Legal Services Act: Compensation Consultants as a Compliance Risk”
(Rechtsdienstleistungsgesetz: Vergütungsberater als Compliance-Risiko)
Compliance Law Journal CB 11/2016, pp. 401
(co-authored by Dr. Jens Jensen)

“Contractor Compliance – Liability Prevention and Case Management When Using External Staff”
(Contractor Compliance – Haftungsprävention und Fallmanagement beim Einsatz von Fremdpersonal)
Klösel/Klötzer-Assion/Mahnhold (editors)
Heidelberg 2nd Edition 2023

Book reviews

Prof. Dr. Mark Lembke,
Employment Law Journal RdA 2018, p. 64
Dr. Julia Schweitzer, attorney-at-law and mediator
Employment Law Journal NZA 4/2017, p. 231
Dr. Jörg Habetha, attorney-at-law, specialist lawyer for criminal law and lecturer for criminal law at Saarland University
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(Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsstrafrecht und Haftung im Unternehmen) (ZWH), 1/2017, pp. 34

Under Suspicion – Preventing pseudo self-employment: do’s and don’ts for multinationals
Labor Law Magazine 1/2016
(co-authored by Dr. Thilo Mahnhold)

“The End of Safe Harbor and the Beginning of the EU-US Privacy Shield”
(Endlich Land in Sicht? Über Safe Harbor und das EU-US Privacy Shield)
Human Resources Management (Personalwirtschaft) 04/2016, p. 72

“Compliance Violations and Sanctions – A Guideline for the Corporate Practice”
(Compliance-Verstöße und Sanktionen – Ein Leitfaden für die unternehmerische Praxis)
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“The Newly Enacted Flexible Pension Scheme and European Law”
(Flexi-Rente und Europarecht)
Law journal NZA 2014, pp. 1366
(co-authored by Dr. Henning Reitz)

“Interim Management from a Practical Perspective under German Contract Law”
(Interim Management aus Sicht der arbeitsrechtlichen Vertragspraxis)
Commercial Law Journal NJW 2012, pp. 1482
(co-authored by Dr. Jörg Buschbaum)

“Compliance Guidelines – The Functional Change of Private Law in a Cooperative State”
(Compliance-Richtlinien – Zum Funktionswandel des Zivilrechts im Gewährleistungsstaat)
Baden-Baden 2012

Reviews: Bachmann, NZG 2013, p. 378; Calliess CCZ 2013, p. VII


  • Lecturer “Internal Investigations”, seminar “Praxistraining Internal Investigations”, Management Circle, Eschborn, October 2023
  • Lecturer at the JUSTEM workshop “Internal Investigation – Best Practice for HR, Compliance & Co“, Frankfurt am Main, September 2022
  • Lecturer “Acquiring companies in times of crisis”, online seminar as part of the HERA training event series, April 2021
  • Lecturer “Advising companies in times of crisis”, online webinar as part of the HERA continuing education event series, May 2020
  • Lecturer “Structuring the use of outside personnel in banks” (Fremdpersonaleinsatz in der Bank richtig gestalten), seminar “Update labor law”, Association of Foreign Banks, October 2019
  • Lecturer at the JUSTEM seminar “Employment data protection 2020 – quo vadis? Practical seminar, workshop & field reports after more than one year GDPR” at Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, October 2019
  • C.F. Müller seminar, “Temporary employment, work contracts and pseudo self-employment. Latest developments in examination and sanction practice” (Arbeitnehmerüberlassung, Werkverträge und Scheinselbstständigkeit, Neueste Entwicklungen in der Prüf- und Sanktionspraxis), Frankfurt, January 2019
  • Lecture “GDPR and labor law” („Die Datenschutzgrundverordnung und das Arbeitsrecht“), Rheinische Arbeitsrechtstage, Cologne, July 2018
  • C.F. Müller seminar regarding leasing of employees and (pseudo) contracts for work and labor (Arbeitnehmerüberlassung und (Schein-) Werkverträge) 2017, Frankfurt, March 2017
  • Lecture to the Legal Matters Committee of the Frankfurt Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) regarding leasing of employees, contracts for work and labor and Compliance, Frankfurt, March 2017
  • Lecture to the Social and Labor Affairs Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany regarding the General Data Protection Regulation and international data transfer to a safe harbor, June 2016
  • Regular lectures in the JUSTEM breakfast series and in-house trainings on numerous matters from the areas of labor law, data protection and compliance


  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft Arbeitsrecht im Deutschen Anwaltsverein (Working Group Labor Law in the German Bar Association)