Employment law 4.0 is faced by the major challenge of keeping pace with technical and economic changes. Digitalization is making the world of work increasingly fast-paced, more complex and more connected. It is fundamentally changing the world of work and the workplace. Employees are confronted by new requirements when they use new media. This translates into new challenges for businesses in how they deploy personnel. We offer support in the following areas:

  • Strategic advice on an implementation of flexible work hour concepts
  • Flexibilization of the place of work – home office, teleworking, mobile working
  • Occupational protection and safety
  • Flexibilization of employment relationships (crowdworking, scrum, etc.)
  • Negotiations with collective employee representatives, particularly works councils, in implementing modern work concepts such as in shop agreements on home offices
  • Advice for startups and implementation of modern employment concepts
  • Design of alternative employment forms beyond normal employment relationships, including contracts for work and services

The co-determination rights of the works council and the statutory requirements of the Working Time Act must be observed during the legal implementation of Employment 4.0. Our specialists for questions regarding Employment 4.0 and Digitalization are Dr. Daniel Klösel and Caroline Bitsch.

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