“How to do business in Germany?” This is the question companies ask when entering the market or expanding their activities in Germany. This automatically leads to employment law issues such as the drafting of appropriate employment contracts and policies, the right way to deal with German co-determination on the corporate level or the decision for or against becoming bound to collective bargaining.

In this context many many industry-specific questions arise for which our rich depth of experience, gained through many years of advising foreign and domestic financial institutions in the financial center of Frankfurt am Main, can be of great advantage. The following topics form our main focus:

  • Design of employment contracts or contracts with outside personnel
  • Design of (post-contractual) non-compete clauses
  • Advantages and disadvantages of being bound by collective bargaining
  • Design of policies, including the adaptation of policies to conform to German law
  • Design of employment models – employee or outside personnel
  • Corporate co-determination, including its structure
  • Employee data protection and compliance
  • Compensation models/principles with a special focus on financial markets regulation (IVV)

Our advice is concentrated on the core employment law issues, but we are a member of a solid network of foreign and domestic attorneys that is ready to answer all ancillary corporate law questions. Further, we are happy to handle the coordination of these inquiries for our clients.

Our specialists for all aspects of start-ups are Caroline Bitsch and Dr. Henning Reitz.

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