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Dr. Henning Reitz

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Dr. Henning Reitz joined JUSTEM Rechtsanwälte in 2007 and has been working as a partner since 2010. He advises and represents national and international clients in all aspects of labor law. Dr. Henning Reitz primarily advises companies of the banking and financial sectors, the IT- and media industries as well as the construction-materials industry. The focus of his activity also lies, in particular, in providing advice to employers in conflict situations with works councils and during restructuring and reorganization processes, supporting companies in difficult separation situations as well as designing individual and collective agreements of all kinds.

According to JUVE, Dr. Henning Reitz is among the specialists who are most often recommended in labor law.


Dr. Henning Reitz provides advice in all areas of individual and collective labor law on the employer’s side. His particular focus lies in the following areas:

  • Advising employers during conflicts with works councils and other employee representatives
  • Labor law support of staff cutbacks, reorganizations and restructurings, including the conduct of negotiations on reconciliations of interest and social plans (even within the framework of conciliation boards, if necessary)
  • Drafting of written works agreements and other collective bargaining agreements and conducting negotiations with employee representatives (even within the framework of conciliation boards, if necessary)
  • The preparation of remuneration and working time models of an individual and collective nature
  • Drafting employment agreements and contracts with members of executive bodies (chief executives, board members
  • Providing advice in conflict/separation scenarios with employees, senior executives and members of executive bodies
  • Legal representation in complex individual and decision-making procedures


Dr. Henning Reitz studied law at Marburg Philipps University where he also received his doctorate for a dissertation in the area of civil law. During the doctoral procedure and his time as a junior lawyer (Referendar), Dr. Henning Reitz worked as a private tutor for a legal coaching institute (juristisches Repetitorium) and instructed law students on the topics of general civil law, labor law and criminal law.

Dr. Henning Reitz started his legal career as a lawyer in the labor law practice group at the law firm of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in Frankfurt/Main. Here, he was involved, in detail, in advising employers during reorganizations and during conflicts of a collective labor law nature. Subsequently, for one year, he worked as a judge at the labor courts in Frankfurt/Main and Kassel. In this function, he became acquainted with the whole spectrum of labor law disputes, from proceedings against unfair dismissal to complex issues under collective labor law.

In January 2007, Dr. Henning Reitz started to work at JUSTEM Rechtsanwälte, since 2010 as a partner.

Dr. Henning Reitz is editor of “The labor law mandate: Designing of employment contracts and controlling general terms and conditions” (Das arbeitsrechtliche Mandat: Arbeitsvertragsgestaltung und AGB-Kontrolle), co-author of the “Manual of the Specialist Labor Law Lawyer” (Formularbuch des Fachanwalts Arbeitsrecht)  as well as co-author of the manual “Drafting Contracts for Chief Executives, Management Board and Supervisory Board Members” (Vertragsgestaltung für Geschäftsführer, Vorstände und Aufsichtsräte).

He speaks German and English.


“The labor law mandate: Designing of employment contracts and controlling general terms and conditions”
(Das arbeitsrechtliche Mandat: Arbeitsvertragsgestaltung und AGB-Kontrolle)
Reitz (Editor)
Bonn, 2nd Edition 2023

Book Review “Erfurter Kommentar zum Arbeitsrecht”
(Erfurter Commentary on Labor Law)
(Rudi Müller-Glöge, Ulrich Preis, Ingrid Schmidt, 19. newly revised edition)
Law Journal NJW 15/2019

Book Review “Erfurter Kommentar zum Arbeitsrecht”
(Erfurter Commentary on Labor Law)
(Rudi Müller-Glöge, Ulrich Preis, Ingrid Schmidt, 18. newly revised edition)
Law Journal NJW 8/2018

Co-author of the handbook
“Vertragsgestaltung für Geschäftsführer, Vorstände und Aufsichtsräte”
(Drafting Contracts for Managing Directors, Board Members and Members of the Supervisory Board)
Holthausen/Kurschat (Editors)
Munich, 1st edition, 2017

“The good ones in the pot, the bad ones in your crop?: The social selection process in Germany”
Labor Law Magazine 2/2017

Book review regarding standard commentary on German Protection Against Dismissal Act
(“Gemeinschaftskommentar zum Kündigungsschutzgesetz und zu sonstigen kündigungsschutzrechtlichen Vorschriften”)
Bader, G. Etzel, E. Fischermeier and others)
Employment Law Journal NZA 7/2017

“Inadmissibility of evidence and the duty to tell the truth in labor litigation – The truth and nothing but the truth?”
(Verwertungsverbote und Wahrheitspflicht im Arbeitsgerichtsprozess – Und nichts als die Wahrheit?)
Employment Law Journal NZA 2017, page 273

“In God’s hands alone? Litigation in German labor courts: an overview”
Labor Law Magazine 2/2016

“The Newly Enacted Flexible Pension Scheme and European Law”
(Flexi-Rente und Europarecht)
Employment Law Journal NZA 2014, page 1366
(co-authored by Dr. Daniel Klösel)

Co-author of the chapter “Labour Court Proceedings” in
Liebers: Formularbuch des Fachanwalts Arbeitsrecht,
a compendium of templates for specialized employment lawyers,
Munich, 6th Edition 2020

“Legal Issues of Commercial Probate Research”
(Rechtliche Probleme gewerblicher Erbenermittlung)
Doctoral thesis, Heidelberg 2003


  • European Employment Lawyers Association (EELA)
  • Working Group Labor Law in the German Bar Association (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Arbeitsrecht im Deutschen Anwaltsverein)