JUSTEM Rechtsanwälte was again recognized and recommended by many publications in 2022.




For JUVE, JUSTEM continues to be one of the market leaders in employment law, with Caroline Bitsch, Dr. Thilo Mahnhold (competitors on both: “excellent”, “practice-oriented”, “outstanding strategists”) and Dr. Henning Reitz being singled out in particular.

Legal 500 again recommends JUSTEM Rechtsanwälte and in particular Caroline Bitsch, Dr. Thilo Mahnhold, Dr. Henning Reitz and Dr. Daniel Klösel.

In cooperation with Best Lawyers, Handelsblatt again ranks Caroline Bitsch, Dr. Thilo Mahnhold and Dr. Henning Reitz among Germany’s best lawyers in employment law in 2022.

Brandeins/Statista ranks JUSTEM Rechtsanwälte as one of Germany’s best commercial law firms in 2022 in the category of employment law – representation of companies – with a placement in the top category of lawyers recommended with above-average frequency.

For FOCUS, JUSTEM is among the TOP commercial law firms with disproportionately frequent recommendation.

Leaders League also recommends JUSTEM Rechtsanwälte 2022 again, and in particular Caroline Bitsch.

For Wirtschaftswoche, Dr. Thilo Mahnhold is once again one of the best business lawyers in Germany in 2022. He is also once again listed as a recommended lawyer in the ranking of Who’s Who Legal.