The questions surrounding the installation of an internal conflict management system or internal mediation and alternate conflict resolution techniques have become increasingly important aspects of our advisory services.

We advise foreign and domestic businesses on all relevant questions related to internal conflict management and also support conciliation boards with our know-how on internal conflict resolution, conduct internal mediation and support businesses in setting up internal corporate conflict management systems.

Internal company conflict resolution plays a particularly important role in the relationships between employer and employee in

  • Disputes within existing employment relationships between employer and employee
  • Mediation of conflicts within a team
  • Mediation between executive employees
  • Mediation with low performers
  • Mediation within the scope of employee reintegration management (BEM)
  • Moderating team/executive employee meetings
  • Disputes upon the termination of an employment relationship and in the area of collective bargaining during order proceedings and mediation
  • Conciliation board and mediation
  • Support in meetings between employers and works councils

Our specialist for all questions surrounding the topic of internal conflict management and internal mediation is Dr. Julia Schweitzer, who is a founding member of the network Frankfurter Mediationszentrale ( and has a blog on the topic of mediation.

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